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The cabins are all in the immediate vicinity of mountains and fjords. The area "Kallestad" is located just outside Balestrand center, about 7 minutes drive. A trip here will be suitable for you who like to fish, go hiking, experience nature and find peace in the cottage. 


Balestrand center

Here you can experience spectacular nature and unique architecture. The possibilities are many both on the fjord and in the mountains. It takes about 7 minutes by car from the cottages to the center.  In the summer, the streets are full of life, shops with goodies, the beach and the pier offer swimming, and the tasty experiences are many.


Do you drive half an hour in  opposite direction of Balestrand you come to Høyanger. On the way there you see many beautiful places with apple trees and colorful flowers. In the center of Høyanger there is a library, cinema, Høyangerbadet and several shops. In winter we can recommend a trip up to Siplo ski center.



Previously, these cabins were mainly rented out to German tourists and fishermen. In the boathouse hang pictures of the largest halibut that have been taken here. All types of fish can be obtained with patience here in the fjord.

Mountain hikes

There are many opportunities in the mountains nearby. The hiking maps are many, and we recommend the view on several of the peaks, both summer and winter. Just behind the cabins you can drive the road up to Saurdal (620 masl) and have this as a starting point for both skiing and hiking. 


Guided trip with Dripfiske

Dripfiske offers various trips on the Sognefjord with deep-water fishing. This is really recommended if you visit Balestrand. The trips are suitable for those who are very interested in fishing, but also for those who are looking for a new experience. An exciting activity in beautiful surroundings on the fjord.

Rent a boat

As a guest with us, it is possible to rent a small boat. We have boats of the Pioneer 15 foot, with Yamaha 9.9. We also have lifejackets to lend to those who rent.  We recommend taking a boat trip into Balestrand, or to Kvamsøy area. If you want to fish from the boat, you must bring your own fishing equipment. 



All our cabins have their own sauna. There is a ladder down at the pier. Swim and sauna is very popular, as it is mostly cold in the fjord. There are also some stairs around the area that lead down to the fjord, if you use these, it is at your own risk.

Mushroom trip

There is a lot of forest in the area where you can gather mushrooms.


Cross-country skiing in Saurdalen

Saurdalen is just behind the cabins at Kallestad. A dirt road goes up 600 meters in height. There are many hiking trails up here. In winter, cross-country paths are prepared and it is also a natural start for trips on mountain skis and rando.

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